Preparing your pet for your new baby

Baltimore, Md. - Our own Megan Pringle joined us via Skype and shared tips on how you can help prepare your pets for the arrival of a new baby. In her case, two babies.

Megan has been doing a lot of research to make she and her husband Rob (and their dogs) are ready for when their babies are born.  She consulted with Aileen Gabby from the SPCA on how to keep your pets happy while you take care of your newborn.

Here are those tips:

  • Baby proof your house and keep the baby swing away from the dog food.
  • If you have friend or family member with a baby, have them bring the baby over to your house so your pets become familiar with the new baby scent.
  • Get a CD with baby sounds such as crying, so the pets can get use to the sound and not bark each time they hear the newborn cries. 
  • And as you take care of the baby, also remember not to ignore your pets. Take them for walks as you normally would, if necessary, get some help for example, hire a dog walker to help keep them on a routine.

Here more from Megan by watching the video clip attached.

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