National Pretzel Day celebrated in Baltimore

Snyder's will provide free pretzels in the city!

Baltimore, MD -  

April 26 th 2013 is National Pretzel Day! To celebrate locally Snyder's of Hanover is coming to Baltimore as part of a coast-to-coast celebration of National Pretzel Day.  They will be at the Inner Harbor providing free samples of our Flavored Pretzel Pieces from a one-of-a-kind pretzel cart and offering giveaways at our interactive photo booth with props showcasing local "Baltimore flavor.

The event will be held between 3-7pm

A few fun yet, maybe unknown facts about pretzels:

·         The average American eats about 2 lbs. of pretzels per year

·         $1 billion pretzels are sold annually in the U.S.

·         Pretzels were invented in 610 A.D. by monks as a reward for children after saying their prayers

·         Hard pretzels started as an "oops!" in 1600 in Pennsylvania when a baking apprentice overcooked his dough creating a crispy and crunchy treat

·         The pretzel has inspired the design and name of cars, dance moves, songs, chairs, roller coasters, parks and even twisted political thinking


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