More dates made on World of Warcraft than online dating sites

If you have tried to find your soul mate through online dating sites and continue to strike out, perhaps you should turn to online video games.  New numbers show that playing interactive games, like World of Warcraft, may increase your chances of finding true love.

Online video gaming has become more mainstream, with men and women taking part.  And when you look at the statistics and data put together by, the case for falling in love via World of Warcraft (WoW) is pretty compelling. 

For example, your chances of meeting someone while playing the game are much higher than on most dating sites.  E-harmony has one million members versus WoW which has 12 million members.  On average, people use online dating sites about 1.4 hours/month.  Gamers on WoW play on average 34.6 hours/month.

There's also a bit of psychology behind the stats.  It claims that people can fall in love easier when they're interacting on a video game versus an online dating site.  One statistic cites is that 40% of players tell their fellow gamers things they wouldn't tell their friends.  They're less likely to be afraid to confess their feelings if they aren't face to face.

Gamers are also more likely to travel the distance to meet a potential partner.  24.3% of players say WoW players will travel 30+ miles to meet someone.  And 75.7% say they will travel 100+ miles to see someone.  In the end, battling evil may be the best way to find the love of your life.

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