Kids can have healthy and fun snacks in their Easter basket

Before you fill your child's basket for Easter, health officials say in addition to all the candy and chocolate you will put in you can also add some healthy snacks.

Registered Dietitian Carrie Gonzales from the Cleveland Clinic say you should swap out some of  that candy for more nutritious snacks such as dried fruit and yogurt covered raisins. 

Instead of cream-filled eggs, add some plain dark chocolate that the kids can use for fruit dipping.

Gonzales says dried fruit is a good option as it has the same nutritional value as fruits such as apricots, pears, peaches, and apples.

Hard boiled eggs provide a great source of nutrition for children, so be sure to add a couple.

Health officials also suggest you add toys such as jump rope, a basketball,  a gardening set with seeds to plant, as these help to promote physical activity.


((Source: ABC News))