Is swearing at work ever OK?


More people are saying they have reasons to swear on the job, but it won't be helping their careers.

Word of potty mouths travels fast. Even if no one says anything at the time, you could be racking up a "record."

Employers cite swearing as one reason for firing 38 percent of the time. Foul language can come across aggressive and create a hostile working environment.

Experts say that people use inappropriate language to reinforce what we're saying, but it isn't professional. If you're truly professional, you could use other appropriate language to reinforce what you're saying in a better way.  They advise that there is no good time or place in a work environment to cuss. Ever.

Fifty-one percent of employees say they have cursed at work. But only half of those say they did so in front of their boss.

Fifty-seven percent of employers say they would be less likely to promote potty mouths.

What do you think about swearing at work?

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Reporting from CNN.

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