Hotel offers everything couples need to leave with divorce papers in hand

Call it quits in style

There is nothing fun about getting a divorce.  The costs can be astronomical, the division of assets can be brutal and they can take months, even years to finalize.  That's why a man in the Netherlands decided couples looking to call it quits needed a place to go to get everything done at once.  He calls it the Divorce Hotel.

A weekend package at one of six Divorce Hotels in the Netherlands includes lawyers, mediators, therapists and luxury accommodations, said the hotel's founder, Jeff Halfens.

"They arrive on Friday and we give them everything they need to leave Sunday with their divorce papers," he tells ABC News.  "Divorces can cost a lot of money and a lot of time. Here, it's done in three days."

The cost to stay ranges from $2,500 to $10,000, depending on the complexity of the couple's assets and if there's a custody battle.  And not every couple is suited to spend the weekend.  If the couple is bitter, aggressive or childish, Halfens says his staff will work with them on a traditional divorce.

Halfens hopes to bring Divorce Hotel to the U.S.  He says it's a great way for couples to make a clean break and keep it amicable.

"The marriage failed, and that's negative. But it's also a new start, and that's positive. The only thing we can do is offer a better solution than fighting for years," he said.

Halfens said he hopes to launch a reality TV show about Divorce Hotel in the fall.

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