Guy writes children's book to propose to girlfriend

Storybook proposal has happy ending

It seems like we are constantly bombarded with marriage proposals that go viral.  There's a lot of pressure to make the moment memorable, and one guy found a way to do it without a huge production.

Jason Methner tells HuffPost Weddings his inspiration for creating a storybook to use in his proposal came from his girlfriend's stuffed bunny.  "She has slept with this stuffed animal her entire life," Methner said.  "I thought since I was trying to be part of the rest of her life I needed to somehow include Bunny in the proposal."

So Methner came up with a story about a bunny and a turtle.  He even had a friend do water color illustrations to go along with it.  Methner put the book in the children's section of the Chicago Public Library, then lured his girlfriend to the library by saying he needed to find a book his uncle's friend wrote.

A photographer captured the moment when Methner and his girlfriend found the book and he got down on one knee and proposed.  She said yes.

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