Couple gets re-married after 40 years of divorce

BUFFALO, N.Y - Renita Chadwick says it's always the dream of the children of divorced parents that mom and dad will someday get back together. 

She had to wait nearly a half-century, but it's happening. 

Her parents, Lena Henderson and Roland Davis, are getting married to each other for a second time this weekend in western New York. 

They are both 85.

They got married the first time while they were in their teens, had four children, and got divorced after 20 years. 

But they stayed in touch through the children, even though they went more than 30 years without seeing each other.

And, during a recent phone conversation, he proposed, and she said yes. 

A church wedding is planned, followed by a reception at a restaurant with their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.