Costly shopping mistakes

Don't fall for sale traps

BALTIMORE - From the internet to the grocery store -- you have a lot more choices when it comes to shopping.  Most places will offer coupons that you can download directly onto their store savings card accounts -- or apps that help you find even more bargains. But modern technology also makes it easier to spend.  

Financial experts say September is a good time to shop because retailers offer sales, but they also urge consumers to practice restraint.  While sales are great, they say more savings, less debt should always be the goal.  

There are common shopping traps below...  

Keep in mind websites are getting smarter.  The have tracking software that monitors your purchases and constantly offers suggestions, sometimes as a result, temptation increases.

Don't mistake shortcuts for savings.  This applies particularly to weekly purchases made at the grocery store. It may be easier to buy things like bagged salad, but anything chopped,  cooked or marinated -- is one of the most expensive ways to purchase groceries.

Buy in bulk, but be careful.  For example, bulk toilet paper for a household with a lot of family members is a good investment, while a bulk perishable items that you may throw out isn't worth it.

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