Kayakers paddle 500 miles to check on health of the Chesapeake Bay

It took a group of men and women 30 days to travel 500 miles around the Chesapeake Bay.

They reunited at Sandy Point State Park Thursday.

It was all high-fives and salutations. Team leader Don Baugh, who did this very trip 10 years ago to study the health of the bay, took a different crew with him.


This time Baugh took two young outdoor enthusiasts and two 75 year old paddlers that took a great interest in the bay. Baugh compared the findings from 10 years ago to this trip. Some of the news is encouraging.

“You know, overall we feel good. In other words we did see some improvement. We saw better crabs, better oysters, better water clarity. We saw better grasses,” he said.

The research team went up around the bay, through the C&D Canal and down the Atlantic coast and then made their way back up the bay.  On their 500 mile trip, the team took water samples, explored and documented the wildlife and took in all the beauty the Chesapeake Bay has to offer.

Watch the video above for more.

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