Can men have labor pains to get a better understanding of what women go through?

Men have hooked themselves up to a machine that creates the sensation of labor to see if they could handle the pain of childbirth.

It's the kind of pain, even when it's not exactly real, makes grown men cry.

As part of a stunt, the men were hooked up to a machine with electrodes stuck to their abdominals to simulate labor pains.

Just like the real thing, the cramping - or "contractions", got stronger, longer, and closer together.

They say they did it so they could better empathize with women!

But not so fast, Dr. Ashton, ABC News senior medical contributor: "You can think of this as a very strong charlie horse.  Is it as painful as labor?  My opinion is that it isn't."

So just ‘how long' could these two take the pain?

The average labor lasts between 12 and 14 hours, but these guys?

Well, they only lasted two!

By: Daisha Riley  Original ABC Story