Can your food choice affect your relationship

Love is a cattle field?

With the many diet differences and choices, many couples are finding it somewhat challenging to agree on what's for dinner.

From breast feeding to which milk a growing child should get, meal times can create tension and anxiety in the household.

Researchers say couples these day have to find ways to please their palates while being conscious of not offending each other with their food choices.

The following tips could help turn your mealtime into a meaningful time:

Respect: do not mock or ridicule the food choice your partner makes whether its for religious, ethical or medical reasons.

Communicate: Talk to your partner about the grocery shopping, the meal planning and even restaurant choices.

Compromise: Cook together so each person can get what they want on their plate.

Meet halfway: If you plan to eat out, choose a restaurant that carries food both parties will enjoy.

Become an opportunist: Make time for you or your spouse to have some of your food preferences away from the house and with other friends or family who may enjoy the same dishes as you do.

Create space: If for religious reasons or dietary there need to be space between pots and pans, respect those choices and create space in your kitchen to accommodate the choices.

So create a meal time where the food and the company will be very satisfying.

((Source: CNN NEWS))