Bride's jitters may mean a rocky marriage

Hesitant women may have higher rate of divorce

BALTIMORE - Those cold feet may mean more than nervous jitters.  Women having second thoughts about getting married should trust their instincts, according to new research. 

Psychologists from the University of California found that women's uncertainty before marriage is a predictor for divorce and marital dissatisfaction in years to come.

According to Health Day News, the psychologists surveyed nearly 250 couples a few months after they got married. 47 percent of the husbands and 38 percent of the wives admitted to having doubts about getting married. The researchers noted, however, the women's reservations were a better predictor of trouble to come in the marriage.

The study revealed that 19 percent of the women who said they had doubts about getting married were divorced four years later, compared with 8 percent of those who did not have doubts. Meanwhile, 14 percent of the husbands who reported marriage doubts were divorced four years later, compared with 9 percent who said they did not have worries about getting married.

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