Are NFL fans the newest wine fans?

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - The Wine Football League (WFL) has released all 32 team wine inspired nicknames for those wine lovers of the NFL.

The WFL is a concept created by the Wine'tastic Mile of Baltimore and Dunkadelic Sports Marketing firm. For the first time, all 32 NFL teams will have a wine moniker nickname in an effort to promote the increasing football and wine culture to the game.

Within the WFL there are to conferences, an AFC Appellation Football Conference and the NFC, the Napa Football Conference.

In the AFC conference, there are 4 divisions, the Classico (North), Vintage (East), Sonoma (West), and Chateau (South).

So are you wondering how your favorite team fits in?

Here's the breakdown for the AFC Conference:

The AFC conference is home to the Classico Division which has the Baltimore Ports, Cincinnati Muscats, Cleveland Bruts and the Pittsburgh Steel Barrels.

In the Vintage Division, it's the Buffalo Vinos, Miami Zins, New England Barolos and New York Grand Crus.

The Sonoma Division houses the Denver Barbarescos, Kansas City Big Reds, Oakland Cabernet Francs and the San Diego Bodegas.

In the Chateau Division there are the Houston Tignanellos, Indianapolis Imperials, Jacksonville Jeroboams and the Tennessee Tannins.

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