YouTube & Google have fun on April Fool's Day

BALTIMORE - Check the toilet seat before you sit down and make sure the top is secure on your salt.

Today is April Fool's Day and Google and Youtube are also getting in on the jokes.

Google started over the weekend released "treasure mode" on its map page.

You could apply various techniques to reveal hidden symbols including applying sunlight to maps or skydiving over specific landmarks.

They have also launched Google Nose!

It's described as new Scentsation in search, and you can find things using your nose.

Youtube announced on Saturday that it will shut down the site today and "finally pick the winner."

The Website said that after 8 years, it was time to review all the videos uploaded to the site and select a winner.

The winner of the contest will be announced when the site goes back online. Youtube says it will begin announcing the nominees for best video today.

Presenters will then announce all the nominees for 12 hours every day for the next two years.

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