Jury watches Huguely interview on tape


5:45 p.m. Court recesses until Monday

5:34 p.m. Cross-examination of Flaherty - Defense attorney Francis Lawrence is cross-examining crime scene investigator Michael Flaherty.

4:45 p.m. - Other evidence is introduced - Detective is explaining Love's comforter, t-shirt, towels and bed sheets.  All are bloody.  They also introduced a Natural Light can found in the trash at Love's apartment.

4:07 p.m. Love's door brought into courtroom - Prosecutors brought the actual, entire door into the courtroom.  They unwrapped it.  The hole in the door next to the knob is clearly visible.  Prosecution also introduced several broken pieces of the door as evidence; were found on the floor. 

2:51 p.m. Friday - Detective Michael Flaherty - He inspected the crime scene.  Flaherty says most of Love's apartment was in perfect order.  There was some hair recovered from the hole in Love's bedroom door.  A black shirt was found on her bedroom floor.  Flaherty says he didn't think the shirt was significant until days later.  So he drove to Love's home in Cockeysville to get it.  He also saw and documented apparent blood on the bedroom floor, bed and comforter.

Flaherty has moved on to close-up photos of Yeardley Love's face. 

12:14 p.m. Friday - The Interview Tape -  Huguely signs a paper indicating he understands rights and is willing to talk.  Huguely talks about Sunday, May 2, 2010 (golf, dinner, beers) then he went to talk to Yeardley.  Detective asks, "Who is Yeardley?"  Huguely says, "She's my former girlfriend." 

Huguely says, "I wanted to talk to her but she was already like on the defensive edge. I was like 'chill out' and I shook her a little bit."  On the tape, Huguely kept saying he just wanted to talk.

He says, "I was grabbing her; I never struck her I never like hit her in the face.  She was so, flapping like a fish out of water."  Huguely says on the tape, "Actually she was running over to her desk and saying, 'please leave.'"

Huguely says, "I was holding her but not like forceful or anything. But her nose started bleeding.  But the conversation was not going anywhere. She went back to bed and I left."

The detective asks what happened the previous week.  Huguely describes the incident with the two high school girls, where Love hit him with her purse. 

Huguely talked about going to Love's apartment Sunday night.  "Her front door was open.  I went straight to her bedroom."

Detective says, "How did you get in her bedroom door?"   Huguely responds, "Actually, it may have been locked. I may have put a hole in the door."

Detective asks, "Why did you do that?" Huguely says, "Because I wanted to talk to her.  She was like, 'I don't want to talk to you.'"

The detectives asks, "What did you want to talk about?"  Huguely says, "About last week.  How she attacked me."

During this entire time, Huguely sat expressionless in court.  Love' sister and her fiance appear to have been staring at him.

The detective says, "You were pretty upset."  Huguely says, "I was emotional.  I wouldn't say angry.  She was pushing everything she did to the back burner."

Detective asks, "Did you touch her neck area?"  Huguely says, "I grabbed her neck, but I didn't like strangle her."

Editor's note : This is not an entire transcript.  It's just some parts that you might be interested in. Remember, the police know she's dead.

Detective asks, "How long were you at her apartment?"  Huguely responds, "8-10 minutes."

Detective asks, "When you left her apartment, did you take anything?"  Huguely responds, "No.  Yes." 

Detective asks, "Why did you tak her laptop?"  Huguely says, "Because I was pissed that she wouldn't talk to me."

Detective says, "Did you try to call rescue or anything?"  Huguely says, "No.  I didn't think she was in need of emergency."

The detective says, "Didn't you say when you were shaking her?  Did her head hit the wall?"   Huguely says, "Maybe, but I wasn't hitting her against the wall."

The detective says, "She has a pretty good knot on her head.  That's why I asked you to explain that."  Huguely says, "I never struck or hit her or anything."

The detective says, "Well, I'm trying to figure out why she's got a black eye and a big lump on her head."  Huguely says, "I don't know."  Huguely then went on to explain that all his injuries were from his lacrosse game that weekend.

He talked about how much he drank that day and where he threw away the computer.

Detective asked Huguely if he and Love had any fights of physical violence.  Huguely described the February 27th choking incident, calling it the drunkest he had ever been in his life.

Huguely said, "I laid on her, held her and detained her."  The detective asks, "How did you detain her?"  Huguely says, "I never choked her.  She never said I choked her."

Huguely asked if he was there for assault charges.  Detectives told him that they'd never say that. 

The detective asked why he took the computer.  Were there threats they would find on there?  Huguely said, "Because she was not talking to me."

The detective asked, "Why in the heck would you break down the door?  That was pure rage."

Huguely says, "I told you guys everything.  I'm not hiding anything.  It was all strictly to go in there and and talk to her.  I shouldn't have gone there when I was drinking."

Detective asks, "Did you 'detain' her last night at all?"  Huguely responds, "No."  

Detective asks, "Wrestling on the ground?"  Huguely says, "No.  She was not screaming, actually."  Detective says, "Any point did she lose consciousness?"  Huguely says, "No."

Huguely says the lights were off, but he could see that Love had a bloody nose because her bedroom has a large window.

Detective says, "When you left were you thinking she got what she deserved?"  Huguely says, "No, I just went there to talk to her."

Forty-five minutes after the interview started, Detective Reeves dropped the bombshell. 

Detective says, "I have to tell you something.  She's dead.  You killed her, George."

Huguely says, "She's dead?  She's dead?  How long is she dead?"

(Love's sister, Lexi, clearly started to cry at this point.)

Huguely says, "How long is she dead?"  Detective says, "Because you killed her."  Huguely says, "How is she dead?"  Detective says, "You just told us."

Panicked, Huguely says, "She's not dead.  I want to see her."  Detective says, "You are here, because she is dead."

Huguely says, "I didn't hurt her.  I never held her down.  I don't believe that's she dead.  She's not dead!   I never did anything that could do that to her. I refuse to believe that she's dead. Tell me she's not dead."

Detective says, "I wish I could tell you that, George.  22 years old and her life is done.  You realize you're under arrest?" 

Huguely says, "She's dead how?  There's no way. Oh my God, there's no way she could be dead.  There's no way.  There's no way.  There's no way."

Detective says, "Help us to understand."  Huguely says, "Everything I told you was so true.  There's no way she's dead.  There's no way she's dead.  There's no way she's dead.  There's no way she's dead.  I didn't murder her.  I know she's not dead.  I know she's not dead.  I know she's not dead.  I know she's not dead.  I know she's not dead."

Huguely asks, "What did she die from?"  Detective says, "They're going to find out.  Either head trauma or asphyxiation."

Huguely sobbingly says, "The last time I saw her, she was not dead.  She was standing up looking at me.  She's not dead."

The last thing you hear on the tape is Huguely saying, "I did not kill her."

In the courtroom, Huguely was stone-faced for most of the tape.  But at the end, he was wiping his eyes with his hand. 

Remember, the TV monitor faces the jury, so we can't see it.  We could hear it. I can say that they were watching closely.  At least one juror dabbed her eye with a kleenex.

11:08 a.m. Friday - Pause in the tape - We've stopped for a second to try out another DVD.  Here are a few observations from the first minutes.  On the tape, Huguely sounds exhausted.  They talked about playing golf the day before, going back home, drinking some beers at Boylan Heights.  He described Love as his "former girlfriend." 

Huguely says he just wanted go talk but "she started freaking out.. she started being really, like, defensive."   Tape has started again; this one seems better.

10:52 a.m. Friday - The Tape - The interview tape is playing.

10:25 a.m. Friday - Detective Lisa Reeves - Taped interview appears to be coming soon.  Caitlin Whiteley, Love's roommate, showed Reeves where Huguely lived.  Reeves was told about Huguely's e-mail from the previous week.  Reeves and another detective went to Huguely's apartment.  They told him they would like to talk to him at the police station. 

Huguely agreed to go.  As they were walking, Reeves noticed that Huguely hwas bruised on the knuckles and had a fresh cut on his arm.  At this point, Reeves felt that Huguely may have committed a crime.  Officers read him his Miranda rights.

The detectives went into the interview room with Huguely.  Reeves says she knew Love was dead and that her computer was missing.  They are preparing to play Huguely's taped interview with police now. I'll be back with much more in a bit.

10:21 a.m. Friday - Reporter's Note - Big stuff APPEARS to be coming up next.  There's a short break now to do  a sound check on the in-court video monitor.  And Prosecutor Dave Chapman said a Charlottesville Police Detective is next, and could take an hour and a half.  Add it all up, and it looks like they're getting ready to play Huguely's taped interview with Chatlottesville Police.  If it is the tape, I'll probably take notes on all of it before jumping out to tweet.  But when I do, it will be a lot of stuff.

10:18 a.m. Friday - Cross-examination of Virmani - The defense plans to argue that CPR caused many of Love's injuries.  Defense attorney asked the doctor whether he had any experience with neuropathology or brain injuries.  Virmani says, "No."

9:50 a.m. Friday - Dr. Renu Virmani - Virmani is a cardiac pathologist who studied Yeardley Love's heart after she died.  He said a heart can be damaged by chest compressions of CPR.  There was evidence of that on Love's heart.  Virmani says it's clear that blood in Love's heart came after her death because there are only red blood cells.  If an injury happened when she was living, he would have seen white blood cells.  There were none.  

Virmani also gives a long explanation of how Love's heart was normal, but there are injuries to it that came after her death from CPR.  He says blood in Love's heart is "microscopic."  Virmani says he's examined more than 9,000 hearts over his 30 year career.  He has never seen CPR generate enough blood pressure to cause bleeding in other parts of the body, especially when there's only microscopic bleeding in the heart. 

Friday Preview : George Huguely's defense team will walk into a Virginia courtroom, trying to convince a jury that he didn't murder Yeardley Love.

Mike Burns, who took a liking to love, testified Thursday that he and Love were romantically involved.

Burns told jurors, Love was crying hysterically when he walked in on a fight between Huguely and her.

Burns said Huguely had his arm around Love's neck at her apartment.

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