Why small children need to sit in the back seat


The best way to prevent injury or death in a car crash is to wear a seatbelt.
But kids aren't always eager to buckle up. 
A new study shows young drivers are the least likely to wear a seatbelt.
To develop the habit, you need to start kids early.
And, you may even have to put your foot down and force them to sit in the back.  
Dr. Michael Macknin of the Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital says, "It's recommended [children] stay in the back seat until [they] are at least 13-years-old.  Realistically, if you're over 5 feet tall the air bag will no longer hit you in the face, it will hit you in the chest, so it's not as dangerous"
Experts say parents who wear their seatbelts properly are much more likely to have children who do the same. 
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