What did the White House know about Benghazi attacks?


The attack took the lives of four Americans and today, lawmakers will begin grilling a number of people who hold the answers to what the White House knew about the Benghazi attack and when.

The problem is you and I won't be able to listen in.

For the next two days, they'll be holding those hearings behind closed doors.

Among the people called to testify is former CIA Director David Petraeus.

He'll address the Senate-House Intelligence committee tomorrow.

No one was sure if Petraeus would be called after his sudden resignation due to a swirling sex scandal.

"He's necessary. He understands and was there during the time when the Benghazi events occurred."

One of the big questions surrounding the attack is why were there no U.S. Marines guarding Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others.

The identity of the person who made that decision will like be discussed during these hearings.

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