Two more funerals to be held for Sandy Hook shooting victims Tuesday

2 funerals and a wake to be held Tuesday

NEWTOWN, Connecticut - It will be another day of heartbreaking farewells in Newtown, Connecticut.

Two more little ones will be laid rest, and a wake will be held for one of their Sandy Hook teachers.

Newtown has already started with their grim task.

Parents are doing what they shouldn't have to. On Monday 6-year-old Noah Pozner was eulogized as a boy who liked animals, video games and Mexican food.

At his funeral, an onlooker collapsed. Inside the funeral, his mother moved everyone to tears with her stories.

Rabbi Edgar Gluck, said  that when Pozner's mother told the boy  'I love you', his answer was: 'not as much as I love you."

Another funeral was held for Jack Pinto, also six.

Jack loved the New York Giants. His favorite player, Victor Cruz, wore his name on his cleats during Sunday' s game.

"To have my jersey, and to be his favorite player so much that they want to bury him with it, it was unreal. So i told them I was completely honored," said cruz.

There's still so much pain for all close to Friday's shooting.

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy wiped away tears recalling the moment he informed parents their children had died. And now he will attend so many funerals.

"You see little coffins and your heart has to ache," he said.

Story by ABC's Tahman Bradley.

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