Local gym teaches "surfing" classes indoors

Surf's up in Canton

BALTIMORE - It's called Surfset Fitness and it's the newest craze in workouts.  It started out as an idea between friends.  Their thought: give people the chance to surf all year and they will get in excellent shape.  

They pitched it on ABC's hit show Shark Tank.  It worked.  Now surf boards are popping up in gyms around the country.

Canton Club is teaching the land surfing classes, and there's a lot of interest.  Part of the intrigue is wanting to get fit, and others want to give surfing a try without the challenges of water.  Whatever the motivation, people are seeing results. 

"If you look at a surfers body, they are lean with a lot of definition," says Jacki Dalsimer, a Surfset instructor at the Canton Club. "It's balance, core, and flexibility.  You have to get used to using the surf board, but it doesn't take long.  The learning curve is small."

First timers say they just wanted to add a little excitement to their workout. 

"I'm always looking for ways to mix it up," said Darsie Remiekis.  After one class, she loved it.

Surfset Fitness classes are offered at the Canton Club.  You don't have to be a member to get on board.



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