Sitter put baby in washer

CAMDEN, N.J. - The video of a man putting a baby in a washing machine has gone viral.  And it has shocked just about everyone, including the child's mother.

It's scary enough watching the surveillance tape of a guy playing with a one year old by putting him in a washer, and then the door automatically locks and the washer turns on. The man and the woman babysitting the child panic. But imagine you're the mother.

Sakia David is the 22-year old mother who saw the video for the first time on the news.

The babysitter never told the mother what happened almost two weeks ago at the Camden, New Jersey laundromat.


The babysitter and an unidentified friend brought 1-year old Saimeir Bush along to do the laundry while his mom was at work.

After he got stuck in the machine , the pair frantically ran for help. A laundromat employee came to the rescue, heaving aside tables and turning off power to the machine. The other guy was jumping out of his skin, the babysitter was banging the table.

Still alive and basically unharmed the pair took the boy to the hospital, then returned him to mom who noticed nothing amiss. After the video went viral, police got in touch with the mother.

The Camden County prosecutor's office says this was not an intelligent choice, to put the baby in the washing machine, but it was not a crime. How's the mother feel?

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"I'm pissed," she says "I was mad cause you shouldn't put a kid in the washer. at the same time, he was just playin' around."

As for the baby-sitter, mom says she won't be babysitting any more. Meanwhile back at the laundromat, the owner says she knows it's ridiculous but she's actually thinking of putting up signs to protect herself from liability that read "do not put kids in washers."

Story from CNN