Shooting witness: Everybody thought it was fireworks

AURORA, Colo. - When a gunman opened fire inside a movie theater near the Aurora Mall on Friday morning, many watching "Dark Knight Rises" thought it was part of the movie."

The shooting happened during a battle scene on screen so it took some time to realize that is wasn't part of the special effects," one witness told 7NEWS.Aurora police said 10 people died in the theatre, 4 people died outside. Police believe 50 people were injured.

According to a mortician called out to the scene, a person went into the movie theater, set off a smoke grenade and started firing.

That witness told 7NEWS the gunman walking in toward the front of the theater and fired into the back of the theater

"Everybody thought it was fireworks," said Chris Jones, one of the people in theater 9 where the shooting happened. Jones said he didn't see the gunman, he only saw a spark in the corner of the theatre.

"The lights never came on," Jones said. "When the shooting cleared, we just ran. When we got outside, it was chaos."

Jones said he thought it was someone playing around. After he realized it wasn't stopping and people were screaming, he got on the ground.

Jones said he heard 20 to 30 rounds in a minute or two.

Kevin and Brittany told 7NEWS they were in the back of theater when the shooting happened.

Brittany said she saw some sort of canister going off in the air."I saw the smoke trail behind them and I wasn't sure what was going on,"

Brittany told 7NEWS. She said she heard the gunshots after that.

Kevin said he saw flashes of light coming from a silhouetted person in a corner shooting."He was shooting really fast, really consistently," said Kevin."There were lots of kids, families there," Brittany said. "All those people were just inconcent people watching a movie."

Bullets Went Through Wall Into Second Theater

Laurie told 7NEWS she was in the theater next door, when the shooting started.

"There was a shooting scene in the movie, at the same time, there was a gun shot, a real one," Laurie told 7NEWS.

Laurie said when her friend turned towards her, part of a bullet had hit her friend in the mouth.

Laurie and she and her friend ran out the exit doors and saw people running and screaming. She said her friend is okay.

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