Searching for the perfect Thanksgiving recipe

Every Thanksgiving everyone wants to make sure to make the perfect meal for family and friends. Even if you aren't cooking the entire meal, but are just making a side, you don't want to be embarrassed with what you try and make.

So in this day and age of modern technology and everything need literally at your fingertips, many people are taking to the internet to update, perfect, or simply try a recipe for the big meal. That ends up turning into hundreds of thousands of searches online and according to Yahoo! searches for "Thanksgiving recipes" actually started to go up in September with 3 our of 4 of them being women.

Of course, one of the most popular searches on Yahoo! right now is "Butterball turkey coupon" which provides people a little bit of a break off their turkey buying. Other searches that are popular right now are different cooking tips for the big turkey, from brine to deep friend to even smoked.

But there is more to a great Thanksgiving meal than just the turkey and according to Yahoo! the top searched recipe is not regarding the turkey. That honor goes to the sweet potato. Here is the list of the top searched recipes this week, according to Yahoo!:
1.       Sweet potato recipe
2.       Turkey recipes
3.       Pumpkin pie recipes
4.       Butternut squash recipes
5.       Stuffing recipe
6.       Apple crisp recipes
7.       Pumpkin bread recipes
8.       Pumpkin cheesecake recipe
9.       Cornbread dressing recipes
10.   Cornbread recipes

And you can't for get the side dishes, where the top search was the always popular and almost mandatory staple, stuffing:
1.       Stuffing
2.       Green bean casserole
3.       Sweet potatoes/sweet potato casserole
4.       Cranberry sauce
5.       Potato Soup
6.       Mashed potatoes
7.       Scalloped potatoes
8.       Cornbread dressing
9.       Salad
10.   Bread

Of course when people tend to do searches online for help in cooking the perfect Thanksgiving meal, they tend to ask a question. And most of those questions surround the turkey, according to Yahoo!:

Top Turkey how-tos:
1.      How to cook a turkey?
2.      How long to cook a turkey?
3.      How to brine a turkey?
4.      How to smoke a turkey?
5.      How to deep-fry a turkey
6.      How to carve a turkey?
7.      How long can you keep a turkey frozen?
8.      How to season a turkey?
9.      How long to thaw a turkey?
10.   How to grill a turkey?

And finally, the top Thanksgiving related questions, according to Yahoo!:
1.      How big of a turkey do I need?
2.      How much turkey per person?
3.      How much turkey for (10, 12, 20) people?
4.      What wine goes with turkey?
5.      What is the red thing on a turkey?
6.      How much does a turkey cost?
7.      Where to buy a turkey?
8.      Where was the turkey first domesticated?
9.      What restaurants are open on Thanksgiving?
10.    Where to order Thanksgiving dinner?
11.    Where to buy fried turkey
12.    Difference between sweet potatoes and yams?

Those searches just prove, when it comes to that Thanksgiving meal for any size gathering, the internet is become more and more popular as the place to go for those questions you may not have gotten answered in the good-old-days from your mother.

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