Putting a brand of bulletproof backpacks to the test


The Sandy Hook school shooting was the catalyst for a lot of the gun legislation being pushed right now.

But some parents aren't waiting for lawmakers.

They're taking their child's safety into their own hands with things like bulletproof backpacks.

But do they work?

ABC News tested the Bullet Blocker "Escape 2" backpack.

It costs $250 and is designed to take on small guns like pistols.

While it may sound extreme, it seems to work.

And some parents are willing to pay.

"If I knew it was going to save their life, I would. Because $500, we have two kids, $500 is nothing compared to their life."

"I mean obviously it's worth it for our children to survive, then yeah, I would spend the money, definitely."

The pack tested at the range didn't stand up to an AR 15, but it isn't designed to.

There are more expensive models that offer more protection.

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