President Obama getting ready for State of the Union


The president is putting the final touches on his State of the Union speech. His address tonight will be the fifth one he's given while in office.

His inauguration address back in January was more about his overall vision for his next four years in office.

Tonight's speech will be much more policy-oriented. Obama is expected to push for additional government spending to promote education, clean energy and infrastructure.

He'll also warn congress to avoid the automatic spending cuts in defense and education.  But avoiding the cuts plus adding additional spending. would require congressional approval, putting Obama on a collision course with House Republicans.

Another focal point following tonight's speech is rising republican star Senator Marco Rubio. He will be delivering his party's response.

Rubio was a much-talked about vice-presidential candidate contender during last year's election, and someone the GOP may look to for leadership in 2016.

Also something to note about tonight's speech--survivors of gun violence will be in the house chamber, including former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords .

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