Popular snack used to thwart Mayan prophecy

The world may end Friday , but if it doesn't, we have what is arguably one of America's most beloved treats to thank.

Earlier this year, an offering was made to ancient Mayan gods. Scientists trekked through the jungle, backpacks and crates filled to capacity were taken to the top of a Mayan ruin. They believe the offering is appropriate, fit for a god – an offering of JELL-O.

Well, at least that's what is communicated in the latest commercial from the company owned by Kraft as it attempts to get back to its roots in providing "food for fun."

According to online advertising review company Adpressive, the commercial is "clever, entertaining and quite impressive." JELL-O simply hopes they are able to save the world.

The review from Adpressive reveals exactly what JELL-O was going for. Kraft spokesperson Lynne Galia says the company has a new marketing campaign titled "Fun Things up." It just kicked off, and the idea is to make the best of TV, print, social and experiential platforms.

"JELL-O is inserting itself into the cultural conversation like it never has before. The first effort to bring the ‘Fun Things Up' platform to life is with the Mayan apocalypse campaign," Galia said. "On December 21, 2012 the Mayans have predicted that the world will come to an end. Fortunately, JELL-O is preparing a very fun sacrifice of JELL-O Pudding to appease the gods and save the world. Through our efforts, we'll demonstrate how the fun of JELL-O Pudding can not only save the world, but also ‘Fun Things Up' for families. "

Galia says the history of JELL-O is saturated in families and fun. Memorable advertising/marketing campaigns for JELL-O include but are not limited to tie-ins with Lucille Ball's My Favorite Husband, Bill Cosby, Saturday Night Live and Hogan's Heroes.

"In recent years, we moved away from that strategy and were focused more on adults," Galia said.

As the company strives to get us through the apocalypse and get back to its roots, Galia says feedback has been good.

"We are seeing and hearing excitement that JELL-O is back on TV with a new campaign and are supportive of our ‘Food for Fun' strategy," she said.

Exactly how successful the campaign will be has yet to be really measured, but we all may have a good idea come December 22.

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