Oregon man creates elaborate proposal to wow girlfriend

Raising the marriage proposal bar

PORTLAND, Ore. - A video of a Portland man's elaborate, choreographed marriage proposal to his girlfriend has notched millions of hits on YouTube, and raised the bar for unmarried men everywhere.

The video, shot last week near the home of Isaac Lamb's parents, begins with his brother tucking Lamb's girlfriend, Amy Frankel, into the back of an SUV with a pair of headphones.

The song "Marry You" by Bruno Mars plays as the SUV drives slowly down the street, and friends and neighbors begin appearing before Frankel, lip-synching and dancing to the music. Eventually about 60 people are serenading Frankel in the street.

See the complete proposal here: http://lybio.net/tag/bruno-mars-marry-you-wedding-proposal-lip-dub/.

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