Online ad business encourages employees to watch basketball games during NCAA tournament

Company embraces March Madness

It's March Madness season, and that means employees trying to sneak glances at scores and updates on company time.  Most bosses see this as a distraction, but one company actually encourages it.

Yodle is an online advertising company based in Austin, Texas.  The co-founder, Ben Rubenstein, tells TV station KEYE that he is using March Madness to make his employees work harder.  He has challenged them to see who can sell the most ads.  He has broken them into teams and the team who sells the most ads will get $100 per person and bragging rights.  

When they're not busy making sales, they're allowed to check their brackets and scores and watch games on one of a dozen TV's around the office.

Rubenstein says he believes his approach to the tournament will make his employees work hard and not become distracted.

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