Pit Bull takes on roll as parent

The odd couple

TULSA, Okla. - An Oklahoma dog is now a new parent. The problem is that it's not puppy. It's a goat. Piper is a two-year-old pit bull who's recently begun taking care of GP, which means "goat pup."

Piper thinks GP belongs to her, and the goat really believes the dog is its mother. When he born, GP wasn't doing well, and Piper stepped in.

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"Piper started nuzzling on him, and he actually kind of came around," the pets' owner said. "That's where he finally stood up the first time."

The two have been going to companion school together, and whatever Piper does, GP isn't far behind. In fact, GP has his own crate for sleeping, but he prefers to be next to his mom.

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