North Carolina family and friends react to arrest in Barnes' case

Relief, but no closure in Barnes case

MONROE, NC - Barnes was a honor student at Union Academy in Monroe North Carolina when she disappeared.

Her classmates and teachers held out hope for months that she would be found alive, but today they will head back to class knowing her suspected killer is in custody.

Phylicia Barnes' family and friends in North Carolina are responding to the arrest in the Phylicia Barnes case.

This morning we spoke to her former theater coach and close family friend Charles Patterson.

He said he feels a sense of relief, but not closure, after hearing that Michael Johnson, Barnes' sister's ex-boyfriend, was arrested and is the primary suspect.

"There is something deeply wrong about him," he said. "He's a sociopath, psychopath, and killer."

ABC2 will bring you the latest all day, including a livestream of a press conference with more details. Stay tuned for details.


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