New bullying documentary released

Kids watching cartoon network will see something different in between their cartoons-- the commander-in-chief.

President Barack Obama has used the network to deliver a message about bullying.

Monday, a new movie about bullying is released.

The images in the new documentary film "bully" are difficult to watch, but even harder to live through.

On Monday night President Obama will lend his voice to the cause, fronting the cartoon

Network's own anti-bullying documentary, "Speak Up."

"It's wrong, it's disruptive and we can all prevent it," said Obama. "Everyone has to take action against bullying."

It's a cause he's championed before, hosting the first White House conference on bullying last year, and joining other celebrities in a message of support to young people facing harassment.

A movement that has grown in the wake of several suicides, like that of college student Tyler Celmenti. After learning his roommate had captured his a sexual encounter with another man on a webcam.

That roommate, Darun Ravi  found of guilty of bias intimidation on Friday.

Bullying in the US appears to be on the rise-- an estimated 13 million students will be bullied this year. Tragic suicides along with unflinching depictions of bullying in action are forcing a national conversation many say is long overdue.

By Tanya Rivero, ABC News.