Michigan lottery winner now off food stamps

Lottery winner off aid

LINCOLN PARK, Mich. - Amanda Clayton, 24, admitted to WDIV-TV that she still collected the financial assistance, even after cashing in the lump sum of $700,000 in the Michigan Lotto. Additionally, she said she deserved the money from the food program, totaling $200 per month.

Clayton has since been cut off from state aid.

According to ABC News, Clayton did not return calls for comment, but her mother, Euline Clayton, told the Detroit News that her daughter did nothing illegal.

"I'm not saying it's the right thing to do," Euline Clayton said. "But it's nobody's business if she's not breaking the law."


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Lawmakers in Lansing are considering legislation that would require lottery and other gambling winnings to be considered when looking at eligibility in government food assistance programs.

The legislation comes after a Bay County man last spring said he continued using food stamps despite winning a $2 million lottery prize in 2010.

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