Meet Candidate Jeremy Stinson

Independent candidate for Md. Congressional Dis. 5

BALTIMORE - Name: Jeremy Stinson

Party: Independent

Location: Upper Marlboro - Maryland's 5 th District


Please introduce yourself:

Jeremy Stinson is a loving husband and dedicated father with a passion to help. He has been a public servant for his entire adult life. His public service began when he swore an oath to protect this country with the greatest Navy on this Earth. He's a veteran of The Global War of Terror, serving in Operations Enduring Freedom and Noble Eagle, while on special assignment to the US State Department.

 After eight and a half years of serving and protecting his country, he separated from the Navy and had a successful stint in the private sector, but the public sector continued to call. He returned to the public sector as a security expert for the US Marshals Service where he continued in the vein of protecting our country by designing and managing security systems for our nation's federal courthouses and protecting the federal judiciary. He currently is employed with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as a Security Manager. 

As a small business owner, he sought to exploit and enhance a natural ability to apply common sense principles to business, management, and leadership methodologies – he launched The Stinson Group, LLC(TSG); a business and management consulting firm in which the overarching goal is to better our community by educating on three fronts(:); business, careers, and personal finance. Along with consulting, TSG provides career coaching - and at no cost to the client – personal financial counseling. 

Jeremy's good will does not end with free services through his firm, he is also generous with his time and knowledge. He is active in his church, Calvary Baptist of Upper Marlboro, MD; the former Director of Outreach with StandUp for Kids – Washington, DC, and a mentor with the Boys to Men Empowerment program. 

One of his favorite quotes is, "We must be empowered to learn from the past, have hope for the future, and act with confidence in the present." and this is the message that he intends to share with everyone.

Why are you the best candidate for this office?

I have a plan for our district and our nation. Education  in  Maryland's  5th  District  is  our  biggest problem  and  therefore,  is  my  top  priority.  We must also equip our  residents with the necessary skills to obtain jobs in this down economy, and tax reform is necessary for the economy to recover." I'm running as an Independent candidate in order to best " represent the people, not the party ."

My independence is a major factor that makes me the best candidate to represent us in Congress. The following explains how and why:

An Independent leader – not a follower

I'm a candidate who's not afraid to take risks and to stake my reputation on problem solving and long term solutions.  As an Independent Leader, I am free to work with both sides to develop lasting solutions.

Working within the current system

I hold new value to the residents of MD-5 and the nation in my ability to build coalitions, broker compromise, and develop innovating and entrepreneurial ideas.  In the near future, neither major political party will be replaced, nor will a third party be viable, but as an Independent leader, I will work productively with both parties.

Creative Solutions for Our Problems

I am better equipped to develop out of the box solutions for our residents instead of triangulating policy solutions for the best political benefit.

Long Term Approach

With no concern for  party  restrictions, I have  a  unique opportunity  to  be  patient,  but proactive  in  my approach  to  the serious & persistent problems our nation faces because my only task-masters will be my constituents.


Which answer best matches your view?


Same-sex marriage

Should same-sex couples be able to get married in Maryland?




Summarize your view on the issue

I will start by saying that it is my view that legislation and policy regarding same-sex marriage is a state's rights issue and should be dealt with on the state level. If elected to represent the 5th district, I will oppose any legislation, in favor or in opposition, to same-sex marriages to the extent that the federal government would be getting involved in the issue. For example, a constitutional amendment or DOMA - anything resembling the overreach of the federal government in citizen's lives.

Secondly I will say that my personal belief is that marriage is an institution ordained by God and by definition is between a man and a woman. God's perfect plan is: Christ, Man, Woman, Child.  It is not the place of the government to

"redefine" what is set forth by God.

That said, I will never cast a vote to deny any human being their God given right to be happy. Gay and lesbian couples are entitled to the same rights and privileges afforded to my wife and I, such as visitation rights in the hospital, tax incentives, benefits, etc. These items can be legislated on, protected, and ensured by the government. I will fight to ensure those rights are protected under civil unions, which should be determined by the state.

I have friends and associates who are currently in same-sex unions and I don't begrudge them for it. I wish them all the happiness and success that I wish for my heterosexual married friends and associates. It's not a matter of judging one's lifestyle, personal choices, or inclinations. It's just a matter of me being true to my values and beliefs.

I know my view could be seen as esoteric by some, but my views are shaped by my Christian beliefs and are not determined or shaped by the government.

Illegal immigration/In-state tuition DREAM Act

Should Maryland offer in-state tuition for college to undocumented immigrants?



I'm not sure/Neither

Summarize your view on the issue

I oppose in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants. In-state tuition is a privilege reserved for legal residents of Maryland. Hypothetically, if a citizen of the United States who resides and claims residence in Virginia relocates to Maryland without taking the proper action to transfer residency, that citizen would not be allowed to take advantage of in-state tuition. There is a path to legal residence, it should be enforced.

Should Maryland allow another casino to be built in Prince George's County?



I'm not sure /Neither

Summarize your views on the issue

The legislation presented does not have language that explicitly allocates funds from the revenue generated by the casino to Maryland's or Prince George's educational fund. If we are going to expose our county to a potentially damaging social pastime that perpetuates bad spending habits and fiscal irresponsibility, then must be doubly sure that we amply fund our children's education with provisions to stress money management and fiscal responsibility.


What is the best option for healthcare in America?

President Obama's Health Care Act is a great start towards fixing healthcare in America.

We should repeal President Obama's Health Care Act and start over.

All healthcare should be privatized.

Neither/Other/I'm not sure

Summarize your view on the issue

I wouldn't give the ACA such a full-throated endorsement as characterized in my chosen option, but it is a good starting point. I was in favor of the public option, but it was misunderstood by the wider public when in fact it is based on the system that federal government workers participate in – including members of Congress.

How can we improve the economy in Maryland?

We should simplify the tax code, and lower tax rates so that investors can put money back into the economy.

We should lower taxes on the middle and lower classes and raise them on the wealthy.

Other/I'm not sure

Summarize your view on the issue

Although Maryland's unemployment is several points lower than the national average, we are still higher than we need to be. We need to get people back to work. Working people by goods and services thus fueling the economy.

I would work with Maryland's leading industries and our state higher learning institutions to create specialized credit and con-credit courses that will give residents the skills they need to start lasting careers in our top industries.

What should we do with Afghanistan? 

We need to keep working there until it is a true democracy.

We need to get out of Afghanistan as soon as possible.

Other/I'm not sure

Summarize your view on the issue

President Obama has laid out a plan to responsibly withdraw from Afghanistan. I believe we have to stick to that plan to get out of Afghanistan as soon as responsibly possible. It's time to start spending the money used for funding that war at home.

What are your views on abortion?

It is a woman's right to choose. The government shouldn't be involved.

Abortion should only be allowed in extreme cases like rape, or to protect the health of the mother.

Abortion is never OK.

Other/I'm not sure

Summarize your views on the issue

While I am morally opposed to abortion, I feel that the choice to do so should be determined by the woman, her family and her doctor. It is not an issue to be legislated.

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