Man yanked into van by men with guns, jumps out of van to stay alive

Fighting to stay alive

A Pennsylvania man jumps out of a moving vehicle in an attempt to save his life.

Surveillance video shows the man in his underwear and a shirt tumbling out of a van as it goes through an intersection in Sheraden, Penn.  As soon as he gains his footing, he runs toward police for help.

"I just saw a guy flying out of the van running in his boxers," said Daniel Dozier, who witnessed the incident.  "He was like, 'They just robbed me. They just robbed me. Help me. Help me.'"

The man told police he was walking on the street when a van pulled up and the driver asked for directions.  When he told them he didn't know, he says the side door opened and two men with guns pulled him inside.  He was then told to take his pants off while they robbed him.

Things got worse when the man heard his captors say to each other something about where to take him to kill him.  First they pulled into a library parking lot but pulled away because there were too many people.  As they were driving, the victim decided to make a break for it and jumped out of the van.

Police wouldn't identify the victim out of concern for his safety.  The attackers are still on the loose.

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