Man tattoos Romney 'R' on his face


Mitt Romney is moving on after losing the presidential election this year.

But for some of his supporters... His campaign will live on forever.

Eric Hartsburg wanted to do more than just stick a "Romney for President" sign in his yard.

According to CNN, he got a Mitt Romney face tattoo. The red and blue "r" adorns the side of his head. After the election, his friends and family were concerned about how he would handle the news.

"People think i was going to go on suicide watch or go crazy…I love it I would do it all over again in a heart beat," he said.

Hartsburg first tried auctioning his face on e-Bay.

When that didn't work he sent out emails to Republican party candidates.

Eventually one stepped up and offered to pay him $15,000 to get the tattoo.

This is our hot topic today, would you put a tattoo on your face for money?

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