Time Magazine cover shows 3-year-old breastfeeding

What is attachment parenting?

Time Magazine is known for it's controversial covers, and this one is no exception.

It is a mother breastfeeding her 3-year-old son.

It hasn't even hit store shelves yet, and it's already got people talking.

We showed the picture to Pat Green who said, "Are you mom enough? I think there is a time and place for everything and don't think that's totally appropriate for the front cover."

Svetlana Stanley had a similar reaction, "Oh my lord! I have heard of people like age six or so being breastfed and I think that is ridiculous."

Aazim Lawson said, "I think that is total inappropriate for Time magazine. It's unnecessary, it rude and offensive, I'm a parent and it's disrespectful to the child and women at large."

More about the article

The article, The Man Who Remade Motherhood, written by Kate Pickert is about attachment parenting, continuing to nurse a child, even if he/she is too big for a mom to hold in her arms anymore.

"When you think of breast-feeding, you think of mothers holding their children, which was impossible with some of these older kids," said photographer Martin Schoeller on the publication's website. "I liked the idea of having the kids standing up to underline the point that this was an uncommon situation."

It's something uncommon to many of our readers who have left a slew of comments on our Facebook page about the controversial cover photo.

"Attachment parenting" includes breastfeeding kids through toddlerhood, co-sleeping and "baby wearing" -- using slings to carry kids. Its roots go back to the 1990's parenting guide "The Baby Book."

The buzz began when TIME tweeted the cover photo out Thursday around 10 am Some followers said they were offended by the photo; supporters of "attachment parenting" called it an "insult" and "inflammatory."

At 3:15 p.m., TIME tweeted: Even if you breast-feed your kids past their first birthdays, it doesn't mean you're an attached parent. It links to an article asking if extended breastfeeding is more common than we think.

The magazine hits newsstands Friday.

Read more about the article here . Note, to read the full article, you must subscribe to Time.

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