Lottery officials toy with idea of beefing up the Powerball jackpot before Wednesday's drawing

Could the Powerball jackpot get bigger?

Just when you thought the $425 million Powerball jackpot couldn't get any bigger, there are reports that lottery officials may give it a bit of a boost before Wednesday night's drawing.

Since no one matched the numbers after Saturday's drawing, ticket sales for tomorrow's Powerball drawing have jumped $100 million, according to the Multi-State Lottery Association.  The director of the MSLA, Chuck Strutt, tells USA Today that he expects a decision today on whether to put more money in the jackpot.

"Sunday sales were phenomenal," Strutt told USA Today, "We want to look at sales at the end of midnight Monday then make a decision."

The Powerball is played in 42 states, including Maryland, and the District of Columbia.  The chances of winning are 1 in 175 million.  You have better odds of being hit by an asteroid, being struck by lightning or drowning in a bathtub.

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