Jury set to decide George Huguely's fate

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. - Jurors debating the fate of former UVA lacrosse player George Huguely asked the judge one question this morning and one question this afternoon.

In the morning, the jury asked the judge about the definition of the word reason.  The judge said it means what it always means.

In the afternoon, the jury asked to clarify some instructions.

They also asked to see a letter Huguely wrote to Yeardley Love, days before she died.

In the letter, Huguely apologizes for choking Love days before she died.  He says, "I cannot describe how sorry I am."  "I'm scared to know that I can get that drunk that I cannot control how I behave."  He adds, ""I can assure you that I will never act as I did Saturday night."

Jurors spent two weeks listening to testimony in the murder trial of the 24-year-old who is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend, and first degree murder isn't the only charge against him.

The former athlete is facing six charges in all.

He faces first degree murder, robbery, burglary, breaking and entering, grand larceny and murder in the commission of a robbery.

The jury has five options regarding the murder charge. They can charge Huguely with 1st degree, 2nd degree, voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter or not guilty.

The defense is arguing for some form of manslaughter.

"The defense explained its theory on that; This was not intentional killing in the case of involuntary manslaughter," said defense attorney Scott Goodman.  "But a confession that there was violence and that there was conduct that could be construed of showing reckless regard of human life."

Ultimately the jury's charge will determine Huguely's jail time.

For first degree murder he could spend life in prison, 2nd degree, is 5 to 40 years and manslaughter is from days in jail up to 10 years.

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