Is 'oversharenting' a big deal?

It's the blog that has mothers everywhere talking.  It's titled "s.t.f.u. Parents" - and it's stirring up quite a debate about the growing trend of over-sharing parental experiences on social media websites - playfully dubbed "over-sharenting."

Fed up with endless chatter and pictures on social media from the mom-world of sonograms, onesies, and potty training, "over-sharenting" was even lampooned in the movie "What to Expect When You're Expecting."

Thirty-year-old New Yorker, Blair Koenig launched the site in 2009 as a place for people to vent frustration and share some laughs over "t.m.i.-related" parenting posts -- like misplaced kid poop, detailed delivery room updates and photos you may think are cute - but might not be meant for the whole world to see.

The blog generates a whopping 1.5 million page views a month - but get this - the woman behind the site is not even a mom.

"I do think she's a bit harsh and crossing the line, in taking these comments out of the context in which they were made within the community that they were made," says CEO Melissa Lawrence.

Koening appeared on the "The Ricki Lake Show" Thursday to defend her blog.

"I don't want to, you know, poke fun at any one particular person, it's more like I'm highlighting what I'm seeing as a trend," she said.

Koenig told ABC "When we don't edit ourselves, we start drifting from sharing into oversharing. Sometimes, particularly on social media, less is more."

Some people understand where Koenig's coming from. But, the etiquette of parenting through the lens of social media is still up for debate.

"I think that a lot of what you see within these parenting communities are people that are sharing experiences that help them to know how to deal with them," Lawrence says. "There are times when these "gross stories" can actually have relevance."