Locals 'appy' for iPhone 5 arrival

BALTIMORE - What would you wait in line for? Concert tickets?  Black Friday sales? A phone?

The iPhone 5 went on sale Friday, and all across the country people went mad trying to get their hands on it.

ABC2's Linda So was live Friday morning at the Verizon Wireless Store on York Road in Timonium where they're selling the phone.

Doors opened at 8 a.m., but customers started lining up at 1 a.m. (Check out the interviews to see why these customers were so eager to get their phones first.)

Many in local lines Friday morning said they were pleased with their current version of the phone but eager to get the new version.

"I just want the upgrade," said iPhone fan Vance Davenport. "...Just cause it's a new one coping out. Nothing wrong with my phone now, I just wanted to get a new one."

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The store has a secret number of iPhone 5's available, but staff members say you can always order a phone if they run out.

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