Testimony in Huguely trial will resume Saturday at 9am

Attorney Rhonda Quagliana too sick to go to court

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. - The trial of the man accused of murdering Yeardley Love has been delayed again because Rhonda Quagliana, one of Huguely's defense attorneys, is sick. Testimony is scheduled to resume Saturday if she is well enough.

On Thursday the trial was delayed, then postponed because Quagliana  was sick. The defense will submit a doctor's report on Quagliana's condition for the record.

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Here is what happened on Friday:

11:19 Saturday is a work day. Nothing Sunday, nothing Monday, for the holiday, and nothing on Tuesday because it's grand jury day here In other words, after tomorrow, the next day for the #huguely #lovemurder trial will be Wednesday of next week.

11:11 Testimony is done for the day at the trial. Quagliana "projectile vomiting" according to co-council Francis Lawrence.

10:46 Brief recess now, defense attorney Lawrence now checking to see whether Quagliana can come in

10:43 Massaro's testimony indicates that Love and were getting along after the threatening e-mail, and before her death

10:35 The video is from a security camera at the "Boylan Heights" bar

10:34 Showing a video taken on Saturday, May 1, 2010. We can't see it; Massaro testifies and Love were holding hands in it

10:31 When Massaro refers to she calls him "George-ee"

10:28 George Huguely's aunt, Alina Massaro, on the stand now.

10:10 Thomas said Love's laptop would have been valued at $100-$150 in May of 2010 This is an important point, because in Virginia stealing something worth more than $200 is a felony.

10:03 Next up- Ben Thomas, a computer consultant

10:01 Again, this was five days before Love's death. Defense says it's the first time either Love or hit the other one

9:59 Carolyn Wanamaker (not sure on the spelling) is the other high school girl that was visiting.  Wannamaker says she saw Yeardley Love come in to apartment and hit him with her purse. Wannamaker also says the movie "Borat" was on that night in Huguely's apartment.

9:50 Beaumeyer (spelling of her name still needs to be verified) was out at bars that night, wound up back at apartment.. Saw Yeardley Love come in

9:46 Alice Beaumeyer, a high school student who was visiting UVA,is one of two girls who were visiting Kate Camber the Tuesday before Yeardley Love's death

Sounded like "Alice Beaumeyer" but that may not be how she spells it

9:43 One of the high school students who was visiting the University of Virginia in the Spring of 2010 is on the stand now

9:36 Woodhouse studied the piece of drywall from Yeardley Love's bedroom. He says there's no evidence of any contact with it

9:32 And we're underway. The first defense witness today is Dr. Michael Woodhouse, a bio-mechanical consultant

9:28 Defense attorney Francis Lawrence says they still have two doctors that Quagliana will be handling

9:25 a.m. Quagliana is still sick.. But at the trial they will do other defense witnesses today

9:15 a.m. We're still waiting to see whether defense attorney Rhonda Quagliana is feeling better today.

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