Huguely juror opens up about trial

Trial can be hard on jurors, too

BALTIMORE - A group of 12 jurors convicted George Huguely of second degree murder and grand larceny on Wednesday. They recommended a sentence of 26 years. Now juror Ian Glomski is talking out about the trial.

Glomski is one of the jurors in the high profile murder trial of George Huguely.

He spends most of his time in a microbiology lab at the University of Virginia, but over the past three weeks he got to know the most intimate details of George Huguely's and Cockeysville native Yeardley Love's lives.

Glomski says being on the jury was the most difficult thing he's ever done, but he feels at peace with what the group of 12 decided.

Experts say sitting through a murder trial can have emotional effects on jury members which could lead to nightmares, flash backs and emotional trauma.

Sometimes professional counseling is necessary.

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