Huguely trial canceled for Thursday


Update: No testimony will be heard today in the murder trial against George Huguely.

The case was canceled because defense attorney Rhonda Quagliana is sick. 

Today's delay puts the trial behind one full day.  The case will resume at 9 a.m. Friday.

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Recap from Wednesday

Huguely was taken back to his jail cell for the night after testimony wrapped up yesterday.

His defense team has begun to present its version of events from the night Yeardley Love died.

They called a brain expert to the stand and Huguely testified that Love didn't die from blunt force trauma, but from passing out in her bed and not being able to breathe.

Earlier in the day the prosecution rested its case by showing a picture of Yeardley Love in a body bag.

Both the prosecution and defense still hope to wrap up the case by this weekend.

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