How widespread is the Fungal Meningitis outbreak?

As of November 15,  there have been 461 confirmed cases of Fungal Meningitis linked to the use of injectable steroids from MPA distributed by the New England Compounding Center.

The outbreak happened  in 19 states, with 23 cases in Maryland, 50 in Virginia, 1 in Pennsylvania, and 1 in New York.

Thirty-two people have died from the fungal infections.

Some patients who received contaminated injections have also suffered strokes (believed to have resulted from infection).

The CDC has also become aware of reports of spinal epidural abscess and arachnoiditis in patients undergoing treatment for fungal meningitis. These conditions are rare, but serious.  

How many people have received the injections?

State health departments and the CDC estimate that about 14,000 patients have received injections with the implicated lots of the steroids.  Nearly 97 percent of these people have been contacted for further follow-up.

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