Group wants NRA to lose non-profit status

BALTIMORE - Do you think the National Rifle Association (NRA) should lose their tax-exempt status?

More than a thousand people have signed a petition on the White House Website asking that the non -profit status of the NRA be revoked.

Here is what the petition says:


REVOKE tax-exempt nonprofit status of NRA. Conflict of Interest - NOT promoting public safety, pursuit of personal gain.

The NRA's efforts to promote gun manufacturing and gun sales are in the interest of personal gain, NOT public benefit.

Rather than engage in discussions related to sensible and responsible ownership, they have taken advantage of tragic mass shootings and highly publicized gun deaths to make and sell more guns.

They are not serving the public, they are in it for personal gain. And that SHOULD NOT be subsidized by tax-payers.

Your signature will help DISMANTLE THE NRA!!

 Do you think this a good or bad idea?


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