Grandmother dances her way to the car, becomes Internet sensation

Dancing Nana a YouTube hit

Cute babies and kids usually dominate the viral video world.  But an 88-year-old grandmother is proving that you can be an Internet hit at any age.

Many know her as "The Dancing Nana," but to friends and family, she's Ester Feole.  Her granddaughter started recording videos of Feole when she would go pick her grandmother up.  "I pick her up for lunch or breakfast and I blast the music and she dances her way to the car," her granddaughter told CNN.

"The Dancing Nana" has become a YouTube hit, with millions of views on some of her videos.  Her favorite song to dance to is "Run Around Sue."

This video is from the Youtube account: Nana Feole

Warning: There is potentially offensive language at the end of the video.

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