Sequestration would cause estimated 350 special education teachers to lose jobs

ANNAPOLIS - Today Governor O'Malley called for action to stop the automatic spending cuts that will go into effect if a budget deal isn't reached in Washington.  

O'Malley gave a speech while FLIR Systems, a Howard County manufacturing business that employs middle skill workers. FLIR has made a commitment to grow its business in Maryland, but may not be able to if the sequester happens.

O'Malley urged action in Washington to avoid the sequestration, or automatic spending cuts.

"These are job-killing cuts that are an economic threat to Maryland," said Governor O'Malley. "Too many moms and dads in our State will lose jobs, too many children will lose access to programs like Head Start, and too many of our most vulnerable Marylanders will lose assistance from the safety net we've worked so hard to protect. If Congress cannot come together with a balanced approach to avoid these automatic cuts, we will reverse much of the progress we've made in Maryland creating jobs and expanding opportunity for more families."

The Maryland Department of Budget and Management released this list of how the sequestration cuts would impact Maryland:

  • An estimated 350 special education teachers will lose their jobs
  • About 650 children will be denied early education in Head Start
  • Approximately 150 fewer disabled individuals will receive vocational rehabilitation services- the wait list is currently 14 months long
  • About 2,500 teachers won't receive the training they need to teach our children
  • Projects to upgrade wastewater treatment facilities will be delayed or cancelled
  • Approximately 8,600 pregnant women and young children will lose access to nutritious food when Women, Infants and Children (WIC) funding is cut
  • About 750 Marylanders will be denied entry into substance abuse treatment programs
  • About 430 low-income families will lose their subsidized child care
  • The 100,000 Marylanders that use employment services and job training programs annually will have to wait longer to get the training they need- if their training program isn't cut altogether. 

In the meantime,  it appears very little progress is being made in Washington to avert these cuts.

The president has no meetings planned with Republicans on his official schedule today.