George Huguely trial continues today

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. - 4:25 p.m. Monday - Notes - Yeardley Love's mother is out of the courtroom during the autopsy portion.  George Huguely tries not to look at the monitor with the autopsy pictures on it.  He looks away when pictures are brought to defense table.  Jurors are looking directly at the autopsy photos on the monitor. Some of them appear to dab eyes with kleenex. 

2:34 p.m. Monday - Bill Gormley - assistant medical examiner - Testimony about Love's autopsy report.  Gormley says he performed the autopsy.  Medical examiner describes numerous injuries on Love's body. Remember, friends testified they saw her nearly naked without any injuries.  During autopsy, medical examiner describes visible bruises on right calf & thigh, left lower leg, left forearm, left hand, right buttock, and small bruises on her chest.

Yeardley Love's facial injuries include the large bruising around her right eye that we've heard about before, but also contusions and lacerations on the inside of her upper & lower lips. The injuries are consistent with smothering, according go medical examiner.  

Medical examiner is now discussing brain injuries and how they can cause death.

1:14 p.m.  Monday - Lunch break

11:40 a.m. Monday - Sgt. Eric Pendleton - He went to Huguely's apartment the morning after Yeardley Love's death.  He was also at the dumpster where Love's computer was found.  Jurors took a tour of Huguely's apartment through pictures Pendleton took.  He found a red stain in Huguely's bathtub.  The sample was collected.  Several articles of clothing were collected from Huguely's apartment, including a white shirt with a red stain on it.  They just showed the white shirt collected from Huguely's apartment.. In big letters, it read: "Just The Boys."    The cross-examination of Pendleton was brief.   Defense attorneys double-checked photos and asked whether everything was sent to the lab properly.  It was.

11:32 a.m. Monday - Cross-examination  of Carper - The defense attorney, Francis Lawrence, asked if Huguely cooperated with the officer during the entire two-hour process.  Carper says he did.  Lawrence also found a way to ask two lacrosse-related questions in his cross.. 

10:42 a.m. Monday - Officer Jeremy Carper - Carper is an evidence technician.  Jurors were shown pictures of Huguely's apartment from several angles.  There are other photos showing injuries Huguely had when arrested.  Huguely has an abrasion on his left forearm, redness on knuckles of left hand and a bruise on right arm.  In his taped interview with Charlottesville Police, Huguely said his injuries were from that weekend's lacrosse game.  The jury is looking at more Huguely photos.  These show redness on knuckles of right hand and an abrasion below left knee.  Caper swabbed the inside of Huguely's cheek for DNA after the arrest.  She also collected the clothes Huguely wore to the police station, including a brown pair of flip-flops.

9:41 a.m. Monday - Detective Steven Dillon - He analyzes evidence from crime scenes.  Dillon testified about the blood found on Love's carpet, comforter, sheets and pillowcase.  Dillon also supervised the search of Huguely's apartment and another apartment two days later.  That apartment was in the same building as Huguely's.  The bathroom in William 'Mikey' Thompson's apartment was search for DNA.  Detectives found a paper towel in the trash can at Thompson's apartment with a diluted brown stain on it.  He also examined the shower curtain from Huguely's apartment.

9:18 a.m. Monday - Prosecutors give jurors copies of a letter found in Yeardley Love's apartment.  It's believed to be the e-mail exchange that includes "I should have kileld you" e-mail.  Jurors will have 2 pass back all of the copies. I would think the prosecution would then call somebody to testify about the exchange.

Morning Preview - Monday - The murder trial for George Huguely will continue on Monday morning. Huguely is accused of killing his on-again-off-again girlfriend Yeardley Love. Both were students at UVA.

In court on Friday, Huguely was seen with his hands over his face and crying as he watched video of himself being told his love was dead.

Today starts the second week of the trial in Charlottesville.

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