Geezer Bandit strikes another bank

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calf. - One crook in Southern California has police stumped. The robber has been on a one man bank robbing crime spree for the past two years.

They call him the Geezer Bandit, and he's struck again, but this time he may have finally slipped up.

There he is again, a note demanding cash in one hand, and a gun in the other.

This time the bank teller gave the Geezer Bandit a bag of money, and a hidden dye pack that exploded as he left.

Once in the parking lot, the bandits bag of money exploded and spread across several different parking spots.

He also dropped what appears to be a small address book, which may be a big break for police.

Former FBI agent, Brad Garrett says that police "might get lucky and get fingerprints off what he dropped."

Police won't say how much money he has stole, but nationwide last year, the average take for robbing one bank was over $8,000.

Friday's bank job in San Luis Obispo is the bandit's 16th in Southern California. He's stayed one step ahead of police by being careful to vary the locations, times and days of the robberies.

With each new heist the pile of surveillance pictures, videos and news coverage grows, which means that the Geezer Bandit's luck may be running out.

"Each time you have a robbery, you sometimes get one more nugget or piece of information that will take you closer to the bad guy," says Garrett.

Police wonder whether the Geezer Bandit could really be a younger man or woman in an elaborate disguise. He almost always wears a hat, but once he didn't.  Always glasses, and rarely a tie.

But it's his face or maybe his wrinkle-free hands, that just seem off.

Whether he's a septuagenarian or spring chicken  the bandit's latest getaway was hardly "geezerly".  He sped away in a white BMW and cops are still trying to catch up.

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