Funerals continue for Sandy Hook victims


On Wednesday four more innocent victims will be laid to rest. Among them, 27-year-old Vicki Soto.

The Sandy Hook Elementary School teacher is emerging as a hero in this horrific shooting.

She died protecting her students after hiding them in the classroom.

Soto's mother says she loved her students more than life, and it doesn't surprise her that she made the ultimate sacrifice to save them.

6-year-old Charlotte Bacon will also be laid to rest today.

Her parents say they will forever remember her beautiful smile and energy for life.

Charlotte loved animals and always wanted to be a veterinarian. Her parents say she also loved the color pink.

Caroline Previdi was also just 6-years-old. The first grader loved to draw and dance. Her parents say she brought happiness to everyone she touched.

Seven year-old Daniel Barden was the light of his family's life. His parents say he loved riding waves at the beach and reading. He played drums in a band with his sister and brother.

The family will remember the little boy as a generous, kind, and outgoing child.


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